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Social Media Strategy

Social Media for Startups: Best Practices in an Algorithmic World

Social media marketing used to be a bit of a free-for-all. If your startup had a decent Facebook following, produced reasonable quality, non-spammy content, your posts would get noticed. The same mantra applied to Twitter and Instagram. Make decent content, post reasonably frequently, and your followers would encounter your content on their feeds. Sadly, things have…


Pitch Coaching for Techies

You have an idea for a technical innovation. An idea that will change the world and make you a lot of money. You have a prototype and are ready to show it to investors and use their money to ride into the sunset of prosperity. There’s just one problem – you’re an engineer and the…

startup marketing

Content Marketing Tips for Accelerating Startup Growth

Starting a company is a lot of work (it’s also pretty exciting). Every aspect of a new business is equally important because the way you set up your business in the beginning will be with you for a long time. But if there is one area you should start taking as seriously as you can…

Hiring Mistakes

5 hiring mistakes startups should avoid

One of the greatest problems while hiring talent is knowing what to look for. Sometimes, it may seem that their performance and training are all that matters. At other times, it may appear as if these things lose priority to some more personal values. In other words, looking for someone to fill in the spot…